Today marks the halfway point in my time here– 2 months over, 2 months left. But it’s hard to think about going home when this weekend marks the beginning of our two-week fall break!

This past week was full of anticipation, especially because every teacher was reminding us that they wouldn’t see us again for 2 or 3 weeks. My excitement was slightly dampened when my International Contract Law professor assigned us a group project, and my group will be presenting the day we get back.

On Wednesday, Ariel and I went into Paris as usual. Per our usual luck, the trains were delayed and we got into Paris later than we expected. We started off our day waiting in line for about 2 hours to visit the Paris catacombs. It wasn’t cold, but the wind was not pleasant. Once we made it inside, we had to go down a several story spiral staircase. Once at the bottom, there were several info sheets on the walls with the history of the mines and the catacombs. You have to walk quite a ways in between the stairs where you go down, and where you actually get to the catacombs.

It’s very hard to think of all of the bones as real, human bones. It’s surreal, like when you finally get to visit somewhere in person that you’ve been dreaming about for years. Most of the bones were moved from deconsecrated cemeteries, and nothing has been added for 200 years. The bones are all in what llok like alcoves, and each pile is around 2 meters high, and 15-20 meters deep. For the most part, there is nothing holding the bones in place– even the decorative designs– but in the last 5 years, they’ve started adding concrete to the tops to stop people from stealing the bones. Who would want to steal some 200+ year old human bones, I have no idea.

After the catacombs, we went to McDonald’s for lunch because it was too late for anywhere else– their lunch services had closed. However, McCafé sells macarons, so I tried one. It wasn’t bad, and much better than I would have though McDonald’s would have.

We had plans for that night to meet up with someone Ariel knew, but since we still had a few hours, we decided to go back and visit our favorite macaroni shop. However, we accidentally went down the wrong road when we came up from the RER under the Arc de Triomphe, so it took us much longer to get there than it should have, but we found another macaron shop on the way, and between the 2 shops (and the 1 from McDonald’s) I have officially met the minimum requirement of Nicole’s Macaron Challenge!

Friday starts fall break, and I can’t wait!