My cousin Nicole challenged me to try different flavors of macarons  (macaroons) every time I have them and to make sure I try at least 30 flavors. The goal is to try 50 flavors. Today I had my first macaron in France, so let the challenge begin!

  1. Framboise (raspberry)
  2. Chocolat (chocolate)
  3. Vanille (vanilla)
  4. Rose (rose)
  5. Cherry (cherry)
  6. Caramel au beurre salé (Salted butter caramel)
  7. Cassis-violette (blackcurrent-violet)
  8. Mont-Blanc (Mont-Blanc)
  9. Citron (lemon)
  10. Thé Earl Grey (Earl Grey tea)
  11. Cassis  (blackcurrent)
  12. Coco (coconut)
  13. Orange et tangerine (orange and tangerine)
  14. Mangue  (mango)
  15. Passion (passion fruit)
  16. Praline (praline)
  17. Amande (almond)
  18. Pamplemousse (grapefruit)
  19. Pomme canelle  (cinnamon apple)
  20. Yuzu (yuzu)
  21. Fraise  (strawberry)
  22. Miel (honey)
  23. Oréo (Oreo cookie)
  24. Abricot (apricot)
  25. Banane (banana)
  26. Mojito (mojito)
  27. Citron vert  (lime)
  28. Orange (orange)
  29. Violetta (violet)
  30. Pistache (pistachio)
  31. Mangue passion (mango passion fruit)
  32. Venezuela  (Venezuelan chocolate w/ woody notes)
  33. Macapuno  [ganache citron vert, noix de coco] (lime coconut)
  34. Yaourt griottes (Morello cherry yogurt)
  35. Chocolat framboise (chocolate raspberry)
  36. Caramel passion (caramel passion fruit)
  37. Chocolat banane (banana chocolate)
  38. Citron/vanille Citron vert  (lemon, vanilla, and lime)
  39. Pierre Micolini (chocolate and vanilla)
  40. Palet Or (caramel and chocolate)
  41. Thé citron (lemon tea)
  42. Tiramisu (tiramisu)
  43. Speculoos (speculoos)
  44. Chocolat menthe (mint chocolate)
  45. Chocolat orange (chocolate orange)
  46. Pain d’épices (gingerbread)
  47. Rose litchi (pink litchi)
  48. Nutella (Nutella)
  49. Réglisse (licorice)
  50. Menthe glacaile (icy mint)
  51. Praline grenadine (grenadine bonbon)
  52. Chocolat poire (chocolate pear)
  53. Noisette fois gras (hazelnut foisted gras)
  54. Marron glacé (glazed chestnut)
  55. Citron noir (dark chocolate, lemon)