Now that I’m fully moved in and starting to learn my way around Cergy, I can begin to tell you about the place where I’ll be living until almost Christmas.

I’m living at Cergy-le-Haut which is a school dorm. My room is like a dorm within a dorm because my roommate  (a lovely master’s student named Sandrine) has a room that, like mine, includes a bed, desk, closet, sink, and shower, but we share a kitchen and ‘water-closet.’ My room is on the top floor and I have a skylight instead of a window.

Tomorrow is the beginning of iMagination Week. From the timetable they gave us it sounds very much like a college freshman orientation, except that it is for all the international and exchange students. The social activities they have planned for us should be interesting too. On Friday there is a Welcome Cocktail, and on Saturday they are taking us into Paris. I’ll be posting more pictures as soon as I can get my laptop connected to wifi!