Going, Going, Gone!

Some people are  bitten by the travel bug, others are born with wanderlust. I am definitely the latter. So far I have been to all 50 states and 11 countries on 5 continents (North America, Asia, Europe, Australia, and South America) and I still can’t get enough! I really enjoy learning about  different places, and experience really is the best teacher. I love talking with people, but especially people from different countries and cultures. As much as I love the people I’ve met and the beautiful campus of Iowa State, I have been planning to study abroad ever since I learned that that was something I could do.

In the fall of my freshman year, I walked into the Study Abroad Fair having already decided that I was going to study abroad; the only decision I had left was where I wanted to go. It took me only one circuit of the room to find the program I wanted. ESSEC is one of the top business schools in the world, and it’s in one of my all-time favorite countries, where I can test my French skills with native speakers! The only problem with the program was that I had to be in Junior standing to go. To quote Charlotte from The Princess and the Frog, “Well, I waited this long.”

It has now been nearly two years since I decided where I was going to go, and now it’s finally happening! Less than one week from now I will be moved in to my room at ESSEC Business School in Cergy, France!!!

IMG_0646Social Media Internship

I believe that I would be a good social media intern because I love telling stories, especially about my own experiences. I am a very reliable person, so I can be counted upon to post every week. I am also used to having to get work done while being extremely busy. For example, this past year I took 17 and 18 credits worth of classes, worked 16-19 hours per week, was the Treasurer of the Fencing Club, and member of the Collegiate Women in Business, Quiz Bowl club, and Tea Club. Additionally, I am already in the habit of documenting my experiences abroad [usually by taking way too many pictures, and keeping a journal of what I did each day so I don’t forget anything when I am telling my family and friends about what I did after I return].